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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i can't believe i'm doing this

am i really going to make a food blog? we'll see how things transpire. hmmm...

but this blog will be different. it will not be a showcase of my latest visit to LA's trendiest hotspot, but it will be a chronicle of restaurants and recipes conducive to the starving grad student. and i whole heartedly and stomachly believe that my being poor doesn't necessitate a diet of ramen noodles and kraft mac and cheese. au contraire. it's more about asahi ramen noodles and joan's on 3rd mac and cheese!

so, why don't i start off with tonight's starving student, yet delish dinner?
(note, i usually just create meals on the fly, never to be created again. i realize this blog is also a good way to record these random dishes)

creamy corn and roasted pepper soup with tomatoes and shrimp.

yup, that's basically the recipe. some soup (boxed from trader joe's), thrown in a chopped tomato and some frozen shrimp, eat with sliced french bread- and viola! dinner made in minutes with minimal utensils and brain cells. eat your heart out rachel ray!


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