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Thursday, January 12, 2006

filipino fare at asian noodles

i went to my first filipino restaurant tonight- asian noodles in chinatown. it seems like somewhat of a chinese-filipino fusion restaurant and its yuppie look sticks out like a sore thumb amongst desolate chinatown. i went with a friend who frequently patrons the place, and she says that the food is consistently good and reliable. we ordered rice noodles with calamari on top (best with squeezed lemon), green beans and shrimp, and a steamed bun filled with sweetened chicken. overall it was quite good, but the soy sauce taste of the beans started to overpower everything. i gave the leftovers to my fiance, who spent last summer in the philippines, and he said the food was excellent. the restaurant was mostly filled with filipinos, which is always a good sign, and they have tons of awards and reviews on their walls. i guess i'm not a big filipino food fan but i will definitely go back there to try some of their desserts and drinks.

asian noodles
643 N Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2836
(213) 617-1083

oh, and earlier in the evening i went to some boba shop in chinatown (on broadway). it used to be a lollicup but they changed it to something like jc cafe. i haven't had boba in ages; i can't believe i used to drink the stuff nearly everyday in college. ugh. and then i went to china where it became a source american comfort food- how ironic is that? anyway, i ordered the standard milk tea and a meatball kebob- both were solid and brang back good memories.


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