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Monday, January 16, 2006

fatty student.

wow, i've been eating out a lot since my last post. i haven't tried anywhere new, but i just want to quickly jot down the places i've been in the last week.

- wabi-sabi: everything i try there is AMAZING. their ribs are my favorite, my fiance still dreams about their popcorn shrimp, and their eggplant dish is the best variation of eggplant i've ever had. their sushi ain't too shabby, either... and did i mention that everything (except the eggplant) is on their happy hour menu ($3-4). niiiiice.

- abbot's pizza: possibly the best pizza in the southland. stepping into abbot's is like stepping into a piece of berkeley. tastes good on a rainy day.

- al gelato: pasta, pizza, bread, tiramisu, and passion fruit gelato. as much as i love this place (top 10 for sure), their tiramisu was TERRIBLE- it was almost frozen! the horror. but props to al gelato for accomodating our last minute party of 13 on a saturday night! al gelato is my food gospel.

- TOT: my favorite japanese restaurant in little tokyo! i always get their tuna tuna bowl- kinda like hwedopbap (sushi rice) except with seared ahi tuna and spicy tuna.

-the bakery in the little tokyo square thingie- i picked up a couple of their green tea desserts (cupcake and mochi cookie) and they were DISGUSTING, tasted medicinal. ugh.

- blue marlin- i usually order the miso salmon, but since my friend ordered it, i opted for their sausage/chicken spaghetti. it's a little too al dente for me; i've had better japanese spaghetti. but their tempura green tea ice cream totally redeemed the night.

wow, i need to cut back on the eating out thing. i think i went to all these places in a span of 3 days.


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