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Thursday, January 12, 2006


so i recently became a dedicated poster on the chowhound boards. i used to avoid the boards do to its chaotic interface, but there are too many kindred spirits there for me to ignore. i'm currently using my normal handle "greengelato" (due to my love for gelato in all its green forms) but i'm thinking i should change it to starving student as i delve deeper into this thing. hm, we'll see.

here's a post i'm copying and pasting from one of the recent threads. my favorite LA eats:

- juicy pork and shrimp dumplings, din tai fung

- executive steak lunch, cafe brazil

- chinese chicken salad, feast from the east

- dongchimi gooksu, the corner place (ktown)

- green tea shaved ice, mr. coffee (ktown)

- tuna and tuna bowl, TOT (little tokyo)

- chicken pasta, hurry curry

- kinta roll, crazy fish

- herb and parmesan encrushed fish, duke's malibu

- burrito and tostadas, el taurino

- green corn tamale, el cholo

- anything with tomato sauce, al gelato

- cheese balls, that brazillian place at the farmer's market

- taco sampler plate, loteria grill, farmer's market

- paninis, alove cafe

- all you can eat duk bo ssam, manna (ktown)

- all you can eat sushi, chomp (fullerton)

- crispy shrimp tacos, california fish grille

- BLTs, the counter

- burgers, father's office

- pho, pho 79 near chinatown (i think it's 79)

- chicken plate, zankou chicken

- grape brushetta, cliff's edge

- potato balls, porto's bakery

- sizzling beef, saladang song

- green tea cream puffs, beard papa's

- berry blossom cake, susina bakery

- fresh salads, axe

- happy hour ribs, wabi-sabi

- hodduk, california market (ktown)

- roasted red pepper wrap, bread and porridge

- anything at urth cafe



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